How were these works created?

All of these images were created using various Generative AI tools.

AI generated images, sometimes referred to as "Generative AI", is a means of providing a plain English prompt and the AI will go through its available image data and start combining things together that reasonably match what you asked for.

If you have ever used any of these programs, you will quickly notice that many of them have restrictions on creating images that are 18+ or NSFW. There are various reasons for this. But I think the biggest one is that people on the internet cannot be trusted. And they would use such software to create images that are not simply NSFW, but are abhorrent, violent, disgusting, underage, or some combination of all of those things. As such, the creators of some of those tools cannot be blamed for being cautious.

But that is not to say that there are is not software out there that allows NSFW stuff. I found a few. And here I will give credit to them.

Here is a short list of the software that I used:

Update: As of 09/2023 this site is gone forever. Don't know what happened.

This is the first one that I found. It may not be the best 100% of the time. In fact a lot of what it produces is completely unusable. But when it hits the mark, it hits it right on. Some of my favorite pieces come from there.

The main advantage to this model is that you can specify right in the prompt what sort of image you want to see. Photorealistic, anime, cartoon, etc... Whatever you want really. And it delivers pretty solid results.

The thing I like most about this model is that you can continually tweak the result by changing a few parameters, thereby making improvements. Many of the pieces in this collection are "Two Pane". Those are ones where I was trying different versions and showed either two version I liked a lot, or a clear improvement from one to the next.

The service is free. But there are upgrades that you can purchase that will give your more options.

This has a website to use as well as an app for your phone. At first I thought the app was better, but actually, the website is far more versatile.

It uses a number of different preset models. It seems to want to center more on anime style art. Which is fine. There are many people that find this to be more fun an interesting than the more "real" looking images. Plus, there are a lot of different types of presets to use.

A huge plus on this one is that it delivers results in sets of 4. I wish others did this. It saves a lot of time. Sometimes the variations themselves are all 100% excellent. You can publish your works for others to see and "like".

The newest feature that they added is the ability to animate your creations. Just choose one of your creations and it will create a 4 second multi-frame image. Like many things with AI, results are hit or miss. But as you can see from the provided link, many times it works really well.

One of my other favorite features that really sets this one apart, is that users have the ability to create their own LORA model. If you don't know what that means, in simple terms, it means you can train the AI to use specific images as a guide for what you're looking for. You can pre-train the AI to give you more specific results. All AI's out there use LORAs for their presets. This one is the only one I've seen that allows you to create and share your own.

This service is free with limitations.  You can earn credits that you can use to purchase creations.  Once you run out of credits, you’ll need to wait a while.  There are premium services you can purchase that give you many more perks.

If you're wondering why I have spent so much time on this one, it's because it's the one that I have used the most, and like the best.

I stumbled on to this one while looking for a new tool. This one is free to use, and of course has premium upgrades. It has a number of different preset models. Like usual, the results are all over this place. But with this one, the pendulum seems to swing wildly in either direction. One time you'll get two images that are great. They next time, while changing nothing, you will get stuff that is completely unusable and laughably insane looking.

The preset models that they use range from Photorealistic to fantasy to line art. The variety of things you can make is really excellent.

I mention that the service is free to use. And that is more true with this one over the others. All you have to do is provide an email address to sign in. Then you can create for as long as you want with no real restrictions other than being dropped down in the queue. Especially if you are using one of the more popular rendering models.

As near as I can tell, this seems to be the AI that is most interested in delivering very "real" looking results. The only drawback I've seen to this is that it appears to really only have a few different tricks. All the faces sorta look the same. Attempts to use some of the other rendering models are pretty neat looking, but also kind of like shiny plastic.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Some people may actually be looking specifically for such effects. And as such, I am not putting this one down at all. I'm just telling the story of it.

The other oddity is that it will only render in a handful of preset poses, lying on stomach, flashing, or many cases, straight up porn. There are more with premium accounts, for what it's worth.

The service is free with limited usage. Update: As of 07/2023, this one is no longer free. You can earn Gems that are used for creating new pieces. Once you run out of gems, you'll need to wait. There are premium services that you can pay for to get around this limitation. Those premium services offer WAY more than what you get for the free version.

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